Area Woman Convinced She’d Found The One Divorces After Learning It’s Statistically Irregular

How many times will I get married? I’d like to be coy and say “hopefully at least once!” but after our class, I feel like that’s the least of my worries. I guess in the back of my head I had registered the fact that about half of marriages end in divorce, but somehow I had never applied that fact to me. Divorce? Not I! I am the outlier! The exception!

Statistically, the 50/50 shot of divorce holds true even in my immediate family. My mother divorced once before she met my father–actually, this is a lie. She actually met my father while she was still married (they had only been married for a few months and it was falling apart), and went home and asked for a divorce that SAME NIGHT. Wild. Her parents were also divorced, and both remarried. My father’s parents were both only married once, to each other.

Why do I feel like I won’t get divorced? It’s probably due to my dating history, currently featuring a 3-year-long relationship, which I realize at my ripe age of 20 doesn’t mean much. But maybe it does; after all, because of my long-term (and long distance) dating experience so far, I couldn’t imagine marrying someone who I hadn’t dated or known for at least this long first. It always strikes me as incredible that people meet, date, and marry someone who they’ve only known for a few months, or even a year. Although it can’t be helped, each person has so much life story that the other doesn’t know. But maybe this keeps things fresh and interesting.

It might also be because I’ve seen the mistakes that lead to divorces, and will be intentional in trying not to repeat them. For example, my mother divorced her first husband because she married a man she cared about deeply, but wasn’t in love with. Her parents just didn’t have a good or healthy relationship. Having been in a healthy relationship for a few years now, hopefully I’d be able to know the signs.

But who knows. Maybe I’ll find this post in 15 years, and glamorously cry over it while signing my divorce papers, devastated but comforted by the fact that I’ll never have to see my terrible, cheating husband again. Our prenup has made me filthy rich, and I’ll never have to work another day in my life. I rejoice.

Just kidding. (Maybe.)

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  1. This was a super interesting discussion in class because no one wants to think “oh yeah, I will definitely get married more than once.” My dad has been married 3 times and my stepmom was married once before my dad. I am definitely skeptical about marriage because I was a child of divorce and my parents hated each other when I was growing up. I’ve seen my dad and stepmom get it some pretty massive fights too, so I think that if I do find someone that I could see the rest of my life with, it would take a lot of blind faith on my end to go in hoping it won’t end like my parents. I think divorce gets really sad when there are kids involved and when the divorce is really ugly and two adults can’t get along even in the slightest for their kids.

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