Censoring The Government

In recent news, and as I’m sure everyone is aware of, the House passed two articles of impeachment last night, one for abusing the power president and the other for obstruction of the congressional investigation of his actions. This is only the third time a president has ever been formally impeached, and the first time it has been done in any president’s first term. No one really expects Trump to get convicted by the Republican-led Senate, which would require a ⅔ majority to convict, but this is nonetheless quite captivating.

However, as interesting as this all is, I will admit that I got a bit caught up in following the vote last night, which resulted in me being off task for a few hours. After all, I am a poli sci major. Nevertheless, I still have several papers left to turn in before school’s out, and this time is already dearly missed. It’s hard to block out something so historically significant to keep working on papers that are decidedly less so, but censoring the happenings of our crazy government is the task I am faced with until the end of the day Friday. Also, I had to delete twitter because there is a lot of quality content on there which is also very distracting 🙁

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