Cheers to creative projects

I’m home with my family and it feels like Christmas! However, I have one more electronic final to turn in. And these blog posts. Bah humbug.

Although I’d much rather be in my bed watching Marriage Story on Netflix, I’m pushing through to write this 3-4 page reflection for my environmental justice project. If I’m being honest, I didn’t even mind this final project at all. I might’ve even enjoyed it. The only reason why is because it had a few traits similar to this class: it was creative, you had the freedom to do anything, and the main goal is to produce something you’re proud of. So, I did!

I chose to create a magazine article displaying five words that, when scrutinized, have a dark history of environmental injustice, and how most inconspicuously continue the same cruelty today. I focused on five words: soap, Yosemite, lettuce, Detroit, and fast fashion. After spending nine hours in the Fish Bowl (I actually hate that place now) on InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, my project is finally complete! I linked all these words together, traveling from all of the U.S. (soap) to California (Yosemite and lettuce) to Michigan (Detroit and fast fashion), and eventually to Bangladesh and China (countries we use for fast fashion outsourcing). I learned a lot, and it feels good to say that.

So now I decided I’m done with exams and other boring things! Creative projects are the only thing that works for me. Goodbye to my natural science degree … helloooo humanities.

Just kidding. But it’s nice to have a balance, and this semester was absolutely perfect. Alright, signing off so I can finish this paper! Good luck everybody, you got this 🤗

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