Confessions of a Gaslit Female = complete

Hello everybody! My gateway project is finally complete:

This project challenged me immensely. I didn’t know what I was creating when I first started, but I ended up with a four part podcast series, a pink color schemed website and a new outlook on a phenomenon that (to me) used to just describe abusive boyfriends.

Gaslighting and self-gaslighting are techniques used by the patriarchy to oppress women into keeping quiet about their emotions and experiences. These tactics are used from the very start of a woman’s life — most often expressed with phrases like “don’t be a drama queen.”

If you’re reading this, please check out my final project and let me know what you think! Thank you to my fellow classmates and Ray for an absolutely amazing semester.

BTW: Even though I finished my project, I will still be posting on this site consistently for the next week. I have 6 more blog posts to write 🙂

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  1. Livvy!! This is amazing!! I just listened to your first podcast and can’t wait to listen to the others- great job this semester! Your project is so cool!!!!!!!!

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