How to Keep Writing?

Next semester I’m gonna have to work 40 hours a week minimum, so I’ve opted to only enrolling in 6 credits. PSYCH 336 Psychopharmacology and STATS 449 Biostatistics, both of which are science heavy and most likely will involve no papers or opportunities to write. So I’m going to have to decide how to stay in the frame of mind of a writer.

I’ve thought about journaling and occasionally writing essays on topics that I like. Or possibly even taking some of my past work from my introductory writing class or ENGLISH 325 and improving upon them. I even have a piece from high school that I’d like to revisit. I think I’ll create a couple new tabs in my site to link these works within.

But another important part of being a writer is to read… a lot. Because of the way my work and class schedules are set up, I’ll have a few days a week with 4-5 hour open blocks that I could spend reading.

So my goal for this upcoming semester is to journal every day and produce 2-3 essays from that, to take three of my past works and improve upon them, and to read and annotate one book every week and note stylistic and thematic choices that resonate with me as a reader.

Ray, if you have any books/articles/journals in mind that you think I may enjoy I’d love any recommendations, same goes for anyone else reading this. I have plenty of books covering a wide range of topics and genres that I’d be more than willing to share with you guys. Thank you.

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