I kind of went insane trying to record things

Will you see an explosion of blog posts as I attempt to make up for the 15 I should have been doing throughout the semester? Of course. Enjoy my belated thoughts on my project that both gave me joy and much frustrations!

That being said, while conducting a podcast was something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m glad for the opportunity to make one, recording myself made me want to gorge my eyes out at some points. Finding a quiet space was surprisingly difficult. Even when I was recording in my room or an enclosed space, people always found a way to make excess noise that would make its way into my recording, prompting me to delete it. I also hated when you could tell that I recorded a part that is edited together in separate chucks because I could tell from the change in my tone or volume that it was from a different recording session. In general, trying to capture the same vocal timbre throughout the podcast was difficult, causing me to re-record multiple times. I also realized how I don’t enunciate at all, which was quite annoying to listen to while I was editing, because I only made more work for myself in the end.

This process truly made me appreciate podcasts more and the consistency that is often seen in professionally produced ones. I really tried my best, but at some point, I gave up on trying to get everything “perfect” and I’m mostly satisfied with my result.

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