I relate with a few but it isn’t vice-versa

The problem with having immigrants as parents is that they are immigrants. Jokes aside, having parents entering a completely new society, different from what they are used to (Iraq), led to them raising me through different methods. Methods that took a little bit from their culture and the new American culture. My parents really wanted me to blend in with everyone else in my school and community, but at the same time they wanted me to retain my culture and still be knowledgeable of the language, heritage and values of their culture. Until high school, I did more of retaining my culture than blending in. I know this because looking back in previous videos of me, I realized I had the worst accent in the world (I was born here too) and I was very tied to my family, like most other Middle Eastern families.

Overtime, I started to make new friends and learn new hobbies & activities. This made me relate to other people a bit more. I started following sports like basketball and football, I played more age-appropriated games (COD and 2K), and started to listen to new music. This began to morph me into a completely new person where I started to recognize that I had some of the same problems as my peers. I found this occurred more often than before, and showed me that I had absolutely changed!

In a way , people couldn’t relate to the problems I began to experience. For this reason, I realized being this newly morphed person made me unique, and showed me different perspectives of life. For this reason, I am thankful.

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