Ignoring possible technical issues because it’s easy

I still have a lot to learn when It comes to video. A lot of my clips turned out to be extremely noisy. I assume the issue came out of a high ISO setting; however, the same ISO setting for photography is completely usable with almost no noise and no post processing necessary. At this point I can only hope to edit them in post. But I have learned a valuable lesson for the future; just like photography, good lighting is absolutely essential. Also I should really check my video, on a larger screen, soon after filming so I can change conditions if necessary; however, it is way easier to assume the video is fine which is what I did. While taking pictures it is possible to check the sharpness and focus of the image by zooming into the photo on the display that comes with the camera. With video this is not an option, so although the video looked sharp on the small camera display, it really was not when played back on a computer monitor. Also I really thought my camera would be able to handle the conditions but apparently not. I assume that video is more sensitive than photography. I’m not really sure about factual truth of that statement but I’m going to go with it. 

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