Make Magic

I might be a little bit late on this, but it was amazing seeing a lot of the beautiful gateway projects last Tuesday. I always feel enchanted by the different ways everyone choses to tell a story and the infinite ways one can be creative. I’ve seen blog posts, podcasts, essays, interviews, art work, websites with bright colors and websites in black and white. But what really amazes me is the process of creativity – how you go from an abstract idea in your head to a concrete piece of art. What we have in our website was once only a thought, probably just a vague idea of what we wanted to do, and now that thought has turned into something tangible, a complete, polished website. For me the creative process is like making magic.

Seeing all these beautiful projects during showcase and the experience of making my own reminded me that I need to keep writing new things that I’m passionate about. This class showed me that I can do a lot of other things with my writing other than writing boring papers and it gave me the confidence to pursue a lot of my interests with my writing. Now I know that use my writing to do all sorts of magical tricks.


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