Movie Snobbery: Good or Bad?

As a self-proclaimed cinephile, I tend to be very snobbish about movies, whether I intend to be or not. I’m a film critic for the Daily, I see at least one movie a week, and I’m an avid Oscar predictor. In other words, I love film, and I’m deeply embedded in the film-watching community.

That said, the films I care about, the films I go out of my way to watch, are movies that are for the most part critically acclaimed. Why would I go out of my way to watch a movie that’s not considered good, that critics don’t love or even respect?

Just by reading what I’ve just written it’s clear that I’m a bit of a movie snob. My snobbery comes out in full force when I think about franchises – Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, etc. Everybody knows that these movies are specifically designed to generate as much revenue as possible. But does that prevent them from being considered “true” cinema? Aren’t all filmmakers hoping to make money from their work at the end of the day?

Probably. But I do believe that there’s a greater sense of artistry behind films such as “Moonlight” or “Phantom Thread” as opposed to something like “Endgame”. But that doesn’t mean that huge franchise movies don’t have any value. They are technically impressive, usually well-acted, and most importantly, fun to watch.

I’m still a movie snob, I probably always will be. But I want to work on opening myself up to movies that are not necessarily high-art, but entertaining nonetheless. Just because something isn’t revolutionary or profound doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile.

One thought to “Movie Snobbery: Good or Bad?”

  1. I think you would get along well with my father, as he has a similar movie watching philosophy to you. But I do have one question for you. When you say, “Why would I go out of my way to watch a movie that’s not considered good, that critics don’t love or even respect?” what critics are you referring to? All of the really serious movie critics I know scoff at review sites like rotten tomatoes. Basically, I’m wondering how you decide which critics are worthy enough to trust. How do you critique the critics?

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