Sort of having a crisis right now realizing everything that I have to have done by tomorrow night and how far I am from that. The project it’s about 95% complete except for the conclusion… which I’ve probably spent like four hours on by itself and still hated everything that I ended up with. I have this awful feeling that I’m going to end up with something I hate on the site just to get it done. Also the speed at which the Wix builder lets you edit and replace images is about to give me an aneurism so there’s still a lot of cosmetic work to be done.

Not only that but my physics final exam is tomorrow and I’ve got nothing done in that department. Also I need to complete four blog posts today and four tomorrow to get to fifteen so you’ll probably be seeing me here a lot.

It wouldn’t be so bad if i had both days but I have to work tonight starting at 4. Working 30 hours a week and going to school is so horrible I would not wish this on anybody. Sorry if this kind of felt like a rant, I just didn’t wake up with and fresh new blog post ideas. Maybe I’ll come up with a good one at some point before work this afternoon. I’ll also post an update once my site is 100% complete.

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