People Over 40 Don’t Know How to Text

I think its very funny/interesting how people over a certain age (especially parents) never really caught on to the subtitles of passive aggressive texting. For some reason, when millennials started texting everyone just somehow seemed to come to the consensus that ending a one word text with a period signals passive aggressiveness. Especially if the word it “ok.” or “K.”

I was texting my dad today and he was asking me when I was planning on doing something that I had to get done to which I responded “after finals”

“K.” he replied back.

I felt a slight ping of anxiety before realizing he was being 100% genuine and that he wasn’t trying to let me know he was disappointed.

I thought about it for a minute and realized that parents and older people in general see texting primarily as a tool for communicating logistics. On the other hand, people like us, who grew up texting, are so familiar with it that we know how to convey emotions and express what we’re feeling in the most subtle way.

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