Positive feedback

After completing my final project, I sent it to almost everyone I’m close to: my friend groups, my mom and dad, my boyfriend and my older sisters. This is pretty unlike me, because I’ve never been confident enough to publish or broadcast anything I’ve written — especially something so intimate like a podcast. I mean, my voice sounds so weird. And I’m talking about emotions and pain and things I’ve experienced, even if I don’t outright mention it.

But I sent it anyway, because I was proud of myself and what I accomplished — and the feedback I got was so worth it.

My sister and boyfriend told me I had a great podcast voice, my mom sent me an email (lol I know) of how proud she was of me, and my friend who goes to Tufts showed her college friend group. She even put the link in her Instagram bio. My best friend at MSU said her and her boyfriend were “shook” at how good my website looks! So, all good things.

I know if I open this podcast up to more people, it’ll inevitably start to get criticism, like any writing piece. However, for right now, I’m enjoying the support. It’s helping me to realize I have something to say, and I shouldn’t be afraid to say it.

One thought to “Positive feedback”

  1. I think it’s so exciting that a piece of work that we think will stay within the confines of our class receives so much love and support in the “outside” world! Congrats! Reading this definitely made me realize that there is a greater purpose to the work we do, especially in our writing classes. We are picking topics that are important to us and being creative with them, which is a great way to relate to other audiences as well because they can see the passion that’s been put into the work. I’m definitely excited to share future projects with my friends and family as well.

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