Regress before Progress

One thing that I have learned from designing a website for the first time is that sometimes things get worse before they get better. For example, I originally started with one long feature article on one page, and then I realized this would work so much better if I were to split it up onto multiple pages so I had to break up my article and start designing different pages.

At first I questioned why the heck I was doing this because my project turned into a bunch of text boxes and random colors on different pages. It really looked awful, let me assure you. But after I learned how to use Wix and discovered the array of possibilities that I could add to my pages, my project started to look more put together like how it originally was.

I feel like this is actually super applicable to life as well. Sometimes, life gets worse before it gets better. We face a struggle and we feel like everything is going wrong, but then once you are on the other side you realize how much you have learned and grown from where you were originally. Regress before progress teaches us patience as well as humility. Wow that got way more philosophical than I thought it would!

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