Scary emotions, but look!

Why do we live in a society that encourages us to push down and ignore how we feel ? Darn it there’s nothing wrong with emotions! SURPRISE! We all have them! 

How are you feeling right now? Like RIGHT NOW. Probably a little overwhelmed by my all-caps screaming, huh? Maybe anxious that I am asking you to look inside and analyze what you are feeling. It’s a big and scary word, emotions.

Disclaimer: I first wrote this blog post when I was feeling very confrontational. I suggest not reading if you feel like I am yelling at you. However, this blog post does relate to my topic, so keep reading!

While researching for my second experiment, I had to talk to some friends of mine to get their opinion/test their knowledge on my topic. Talking to them revealed that I too was reluctant to interpret my emotions, especially in response to architecture. I realized I would openly recognize the spaces I love to be in, so in other words, I acknowledge my positive emotions. However, except for the MLB, which I openly despise, I hypocritically don’t stop and think about how a space is affecting me. If I can’t even do it, how can I expect others to do it as well?

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