thanks for a great semester!!

Hey everyone! I’m attaching the link to my finished final project below! To anyone reading this, feel free to look it over and read through a couple of the pieces. There’s something for everyone (political pieces, personal pieces, interviews, artwork…)!

I may be editing and adding to it in time, but I’m gonna let it be for a little while. Good luck to everyone finishing their projects- I’m so excited to see them all! 🙂

Hopefully I will see you all in another class in the future, and thanks for an awesome semester!! BREAK TIME BABY!!

2 thoughts to “thanks for a great semester!!”

  1. Ever since we started conversing about our projects, I’ve been so excited to explore what you’ve been working on. And wow I am so impressed. Your site looks beautiful, and your original artwork and writing is so inspiring. I loved this phrase: “without the political, there is no structural change. Without the personal, there is no humanity.”

    You’re amazing! I can’t wait to keep seeing what you do in the future 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking forward to seeing your final website because the conversations we had about our projects throughout the semester made me so curious to see yours, and I haven’t been disappointed at all! The depth of each of the sections really drew me in and I love the way you combined personal, societal, and political discussions of body positivity to create a whole picture of the topic. Your original artwork adds such a deeper touch as well; you have so much talent! Thanks for an amazing semester Emily!

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