The most important song in my life

I’ve been thinking more and more about a question Raymond asked us a few weeks ago – what song can I listen to over and over again, without ever getting sick of it?

I gave an answer in class, but I was curious about what my Spotify statistics might reveal. I found a website that tells you your most listened-to songs in order, along with albums and artists. Turns out my most listened to song of all time, a song I clearly haven’t gotten sick of, is “Angel in the Snow” by Elliott Smith.

That song and that singer have meant the world to me since I was in middle school. Elliott Smith was a musician who is famous for the sadness, the melancholic despair contained in his music. And I love him for that. But “Angel in the Snow,” a song that admittedly contains undertones of darkness and hints of drug abuse, is a love song. “Don’t you know that I love you? Sometimes I feel like only a cold still life that fell down here to lay beside you.” It’s sad and almost foreboding, but it’s beautiful, and so addictive. And I’ll be listening to it for the rest of my life.

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