This Semester

At long last this semester has come to an end. Last year, I decided I would push myself to new limits this semester. Throughout my experience at college, I have found that I lack a certain amount of discipline and mental fortitude — I always gave up too easily. So I put myself in a situation in which I could not give up; I took twenty credits including two upper level writing classes and worked two different jobs. With my obsession with grades, I was trapped and was forced to work harder than I have ever done in the past.  

I am never going to do something like that ever again, but I am extremely glad that I did do it this semester. I broke a lot of bad habits. For one, I could not afford to procrastinate at all. Because of this,  by the end of the semester, even if I had time, I did not want to procrastinate; I knew how good it felt to finish all of my work and to have it completely out of mind while relaxing… I just hope the habit won’t come back when my workload lessons. On top of breaking bad habits I also improved upon many things. My discipline and mental fortitude, the things I hoped to improve, did increase significantly and along with those, the part of my brain which wanted to give up became smaller and smaller. Without the option to give up, I eventually stopped even thinking about the possibility of taking things easier.  

I am taking a significantly easier course load next semester, but I will be working hard on other areas in my life. This semester has taught me how to work harder, to complain less, and to do more. It sucked but I’m happy I did it.

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