We Don’t Talk in Complete Sentences

This actually killed me as I was writing out the transcript. You think you know how much you and other people say “like” or “um” until you listen to a conversation between two people. We also don’t finish a lot of our sentences, cutting off a thought before finishing it and moving onto a new one. This made writing the transcript a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I thought I could literally just write what they were saying, but if I did that to the T, a lot of the sentences wouldn’t be real sentences. It was also a little painful hearing myself stutter because all I had to do was read off the questions I wrote! I was worried (clearly being worried is all I ever do) that I would sound too unnatural if I just read off what I wrote word for word, but then that led me to trail off or talk in a round about way sometimes. I realized that conducting interviews well is harder than I expected, something that was extra apparent when I had to write the transcript and figure out how to write the weird ways I or the other interviewees talked. In the future, if I ever make another podcast, I know that I need to actually practice asking questions as well as being prepared to ask questions that come up in conversation, without being flustered and stuttering. Practice only helps me in the long run when I have to type out what I’m saying.

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