What Are My Strengths as a Writer?

The more and more I contemplate my future, the less and less I believe I’m well suited to be a psychiatrist (which requires an MD) or an engineer (seeing as I’m failing physics), and the more and more I believe my future career is going to revolve around being a writer.

The problem is I want to be every variation of a writer. A scientific writer who does research and publishes journal articles. A medical writer used as an outsource by other professionals (doctors, scientists in other realms). A journalist who travels around and writes stories about politics, science, culture and so on. An author who writes non-fiction books about events and people famous and non famous in society. A non-fiction author who writes books about the brain and technology. An author of fiction who publishes full length novels. A blogger who writes about whatever he wants.

If all of these aren’t possible I think I need to narrow down what I’m best at. What type of write must I be to produce the very best work I am capable of? And how does one define “best”. Will my “best work” sell the most books? Have the most citations? Have the greatest cultural impact? Introduce original ideas? Or just be what I am the most proud of?

No matter what I’m infinitely fascinated by every possible thing and want to use writing as a tool to explore the world and immortalize my own thoughts and place within it.

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