What I Would Buy With Unlimited $$$

It’s holiday season and the end of the semester, which means I have the most things to buy and the least amount of money I’ve had in months. Perfect! Given this, I’ve been thinking about what I would spend unlimited dollar bills on. And I’ve got it: a food subscription that never runs out.

I’m scared of buying food. It goes bad so quickly, especially fruits and veggies which are the most expensive. And food shopping is overwhelming. I could spend hours under those fluorescent lights and still feel like I’ve forgotten something.

Going home for a break to my parent’s house is the closest thing I’ve experienced to this dream reality, besides generally my childhood. I arrive, the pantry is full, and I did not pay for any of it.

So in a perfect world, I could pay an assistant to do all the shopping for me. My panty would be constantly refilling, magically. I don’t have a car, too, so food shopping has to be scheduled around when my friends with cars can drive me. Or I take the bus.

But I’d still rather pay for unlimited food than use this blank check to buy a car.

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