What pushes me?

The other day in class, we were asked what motivates us to be the most efficient writers we can be. At first, my mind went completely blank because I honestly don’t know. My productive bouts of writing seem so sporadic, with no effort on my part. It seems like my mind chooses when it wants to focus and when it doesn’t, without taking into account my schedule or what I need to accomplish. However, maybe there is an unconscious trigger that leads me to be the most productive.

Even while writing this blog post, I can feel my efficiency blinking in and out. This next sentence is being written 24 hours after the previous one. I’ve realized that when I am in anticipation of something, such as when I sit down to get some work done before another class or a student org event, I simply cannot dedicate enough attention to the task at hand. I’m the most productive when this is my biggest priority. I don’t like to put something out without doing it complete justice, and I can’t do that unless I give it my undivided attention. Therefore, it has been very difficult this semester to put forth work that I am truly proud of because I feel my mind racing all the time and thinking about different things that are happening in terms of classes and extracurriculars. One way to solve this issue next semester is to teach myself to focus only on the task at hand and worry about other things later, which can help me give my 100% to everything I am doing, especially my writing.

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