Whelp let’s change it up again

I don’t think I’ve ever changed my mind so many times in a class. This project, and class has taken me on a whirlwind of different mindsets. At each class Professor McDaniel would pose a new question that got my mind thinking differently than before and this would cause me to change something in my project, for the better though!

For example, I started off with a completely different topic than I ended up with for my final project, but thankfully this happened because I have actually enjoyed writing about the final topic I developed, rather than the original one I was settling for.

I have also completely changed my mind about my website design. I was about halfway complete with my website when I realized there was a much better way to structure the whole thing. After speaking with Professor McDaniel, I decided to start new. I designed a brand new website that would actually function for the content I wanted to present and I am now so much happier with my project.

Sometimes changing your mind all the time is seen as ditzy or inconsistent, however in this case, I am happy that I was motivated to change my mind so much about my project because it allowed me to explore many avenues and choose the topic and website design that fit me best.

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  1. Hi Emily,
    In regards to changing both the topic of your final project and your web design, out of curiosity what prompted it? I myself am changing – and have had to change – my core topic for many of my previous experiments and I’m wondering what causes other individuals within our class to pursue different ideas.

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