Who am I?

Like a few of my classmates, I have had much more trouble in creating an “About Me” section than I would have thought. I read a few mini-bios from past projects, and they all seem pretty easy and straightforward—name, where they’re from, maybe a couple interesting facts, and something brief about why they created that project. But when it came time to write my own, I had a hard time settling on anything I wrote down. Of course I know my name and where I’m from, but how do I describe myself in just a couple sentences? What are the most important things to include to adequately show a reader who I am and how I relate to my project? How do I want to present myself in this setting, and then how do I do that in a concise and accurate way?

I’ve written at least ten different versions, which at this point is probably just a waste of time. It’s the kind of thing that once I started editing it a few times, I basically committed to framing myself absolutely perfectly. After enough edits, I decided the best idea was to put it aside to work on more essential parts of the project and come back to it later. This helped more than I realized, and when I returned to it I was able to look at it with a fresh perspective and not worry as much about minuscule details. This enabled me to make a few quick decisions and write a bio I’m content with, not waste any more time overly scrutinizing it, and move on to the more important parts of the project.

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