Your focus needs more focus

Today, while working on my remaining final papers, I got two emails that totally took my focus away. One of them informed me of my housing for next year—I will be living in the Student Hotel West, in northwest Amsterdam. This was good news, as the Student Hotel was my top choice of housing over the Maassluisstraat (yes that’s spelled correctly, double-a double-s double-s double-a) apartment complex, although to be honest I don’t think they’re all that different.

The second email informed me of my courses. The program administrators selected 5 course for me based on my top 15 choices that I ranked during registration. I think I got some decent classes, but to be honest I’m not really sure, because I had to base my rankings on course descriptions on the Universiteit van Amsterdam website, which is similar but also very different from Michigan’s LSA course guide.

I am very excited to study abroad next semester in the Netherlands and am trying to use it for motivation through this last few days, although to be honest it’s bringing a lot of distraction. I still have three papers to turn in on top of final edits to my 220 project, so tunnel vision is critical for the next two days—these sort of emails are very counterproductive because they are so exciting. I know that I will be able to look at my schedule and figure out more logistics as soon as I am done with the semester, but waiting is hard. I guess I’m just like so many little kids on Christmas Eve, I so want the waiting game to be over.

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