Am I back at square one…

okay no I can’t be because I think I definitely have the idea for my capstone down. I know the topic, I’m sure of it. But..that’s about it…

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But okay that’s okay, I’m breathing and I’m still quite excited and I still have time on my side I think. I definitely didn’t even think I would be able to fully write out one pitch, but hey, that happened…4x! And I surprised myself with the way I began to think. I was actually somewhat creative. And class was super helpful in allowing me to get some input on which of my ideas were the most interesting and of course also provided me with some validation. But the aspects that my peers like the most are the parts of my project that I’m most terrified of committing to. But it’s senior year second semester. I’m about to graduate. I’m about to begin stepping out of this bubbly comfort of academia into another realm of reality. So it’s about time for some risk taking right?

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Then why do I still feel so jittery? Someone in class compared this capstone project to a sort of thesis. Boy did I not realize what I signed up for. And yet, I still can’t help but feel so excited. So excited to create something original and big and personal. So excited to have a finish product that I can look back at and feel accomplished about. So excited to really feel like I’m shaping the culmination of my college years. So, I’ve decided to push away the thoughts of worry currently racing through my head, and instead approach this project with a positive, calm, and hopeful mind. I have so many wonderful people to help me along the way too, so what could really go wrong?

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2 thoughts to “Am I back at square one…”

  1. Hi Vennela,

    I think you’re in just the right spot for creating something amazing! I relate a lot to the feelings of being a bit overwhelmed or not sure if what you’re doing (or hoping to do) will be too big or too risky, but I want to encourage you to go for it! As our quote from Nelson Mandela in class this morning says, “It always seems impossible until it’s done,” but I’m glad you have some excitement, positivity, and composure to help carry you through the process of getting it done. And don’t forget that we, as your Capstone compatriots, will be here to walk with you!

    Best of luck,

  2. Vennela,
    I really relate to your experience coming up with four pitches! I thought it would be almost impossible but I ended up coming up with some cool ideas, too. It sounds like you are on the right track! Also, I love your David gif.

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