Capstone Project???!?

So I actually didn’t pitch because I wasn’t in class/in Ann Arbor last week, but my experience in class was really helpful. Hearing my peers’ ideas was exciting. My group was particularly interesting because we are all in Ford together, so we know each other in a different academic setting. Writing is more creative, less bound by spoken and unspoken norms and guidelines of public policy. It was uplifting to hear how both boundary-pushing and aspirational the ideas of my peers were, going past interests in our major or typical academic pursuits, doing things that are new and different, and taking advantage of what feels like a final semester for experimentation and exploration before we graduate. Nick’s project pitches reflected what I know about his personality in their clarity and obvious intelligence, and after hearing Nick’s really apt descriptions of feeling ungrounded and disconcerted with the end of college, I am incredibly excited to get to know more about these more personal and creative avenues. Similarly, Venela’s incredibly personal and moving topic struck me because she of her clear vision on the kind of project she wants to pursue, and her willingness to confront such deeply emotional experiences in this project. With this boldness in mind, I felt more equipped to think about my pitches.

A frequent problem of mine is that I have so many theoretically good ideas, but they feel half-baked, underdeveloped–for lack of a better word, not that good. It is extremely difficult to make decisions between an initially overwhelming amount of promising ideas but ultimately underwhelming amount of really viable ideas. I’m currently working with better refining my ideas, distinguishing what is actually good and promising, and what is an idea that lacks the depth, character or passion I’m looking for in this project. I guess we’ll see where this goes…

2 thoughts to “Capstone Project???!?”

  1. Hi Olivia! I so resonate with feeling like my ideas are half-baked or underdeveloped. I often find that when I share them with my peers or instructors, they never feel like that’s the case – however, in my head, they’re always not developed. I think it’s hard to have lots of different directions that you can go with a project, then actually committing to one. Regardless, I also learn from my peers and their ideas to help me refine my own. I’m excited to see how our projects turn out!

  2. I feel this for sure. I think it really helps to talk things out, with whoever is willing to listen. It’ll bring clarity that you might not otherwise have in your own head. Rumor has it one of your ideas was beginning a novel (just a rumor), and I think that sounds super sick. Very ambitious, but I think ambition will provide the best reward. Anyway, yeah, just talk through it and you’ll start to flesh out ideas more. Excited to see where it takes you!

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