Commitment Issues

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I have horrible commitment issues. So pitching ideas for a project that will more likely than not occupy my head space for the next four months is tough to say the least.


It was tough to flush out four ideas to pitch in class. I thought I was in the clear to hold off on decision making for a while, but I know that I’ll blink and the proposal will be due.

When I wrote my pitches, I admittedly was just brainstorming to get something on the paper and writing because I knew I had to, not because I was extremely passionate about any of my ideas right off the bat. Coming into class and having to stand behind my pitches and explain why they’re important, why I feel like the time is right to devote my attention to them was the first time I think I got excited about the any of my ideas. Speaking to others made me want to fight for the pitches that I previously thought might not be good enough to craft into a formal proposal. Now here I am. With four ideas that I’m not just willing to pursue, but eager to devote my attention to, when I thought I had none. And all it took to get me there was to have two heads nodding back at me encouragingly, reassuring me that the things floating around in my head are worthy enough for others to care about them.




The Commitment Issues.

1, 2, 3 or 4? What if we could combine 1 and 2? Make 1 more of an introduction to the greater topic of 2. What if I pick 2 and get in so deep only to lose interest? What if I wan’t to explore all of these ideas, but I’ll never again have this time to dedicate myself to them? What if I won’t be able to write about 4 the same way as I can now through the lens of an almost-graduate? So many what ifs.

Is it too early to ask for an extension on the proposal????? Lol jk

… maybe

2 thoughts to “Commitment Issues”

  1. I so relate with having commitment issues with picking one of my pitches! Even though there was a general consensus in my group of which pitch seemed like the most interesting, I’m in the same boat as you where I thought my pitches were awful in the beginning but actually find myself wanting to work on them now after my peers liked them. It’s hard to pick something to devote so much time to!

  2. Ashley – the statement “I know that I’ll blink and the proposal will be due” is extremely relatable! I also had a similar experience where working with group members almost “validated” my ideas. Hearing other’s ideas, too, made me excited not only about their projects, but also projects from the entire class.

    Given that you’re pretty undecided, I would maybe envision each pitch individually first, then combine ones that you think could work together, and then evaluate from there. Best of luck!

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