Initial Pitch Reflection

On Monday, I pitched four three ideas for my capstone project. The least interesting, in my opinion, was the idea of creating an interactive educational website to help those trying to learn how to code for the first time.

The other two, which I feel far more excited about after our in-class discussions, involve creating a design language (like this). The key distinction between these “other two” was really how they would be applied.

I first thought of applying a new design language to a specific brand. For example, a single brand’s color palette, logo, key marketing messages, and digital products (like their app, website, or even something like ATM screens for a bank).

However, the other approach is beginning to seem more attractive. Instead of just sticking with one brand, why not design a more universal design language and then apply it with various examples? Sure, that’s more ambitious, but I really like the idea. My peers also expressed some favorability thanks to the greater universality compared to the first pitch.

Feedback from my peers was helpful in other ways, too, but the most exciting part for me was to hear what others were thinking.

For now, though, there’s one major question on my mind…

2 thoughts to “Initial Pitch Reflection”

  1. Hey we’re all on the same boat of not knowing what we’re going to do and I think that’s the pretty awesome part about it because it means we all have so many things we are passionate about (not everyone can say that!). Keep some of the ideas in the back of your brain and maybe do them outside of the class as personal projects and find the one that you are most passionate about pursuing and check it out here in class. Or, what I did for an idea for my project is combine two aspects of my pitches into one project. Best of both worlds!


  2. I love how creative this is! This is something that I have never even heard of before and am already interested in seeing it come to life. I agree with you that listening to other people pitch was the most exciting part of these groups. I am always amazed at how much I learn from listening to others talk about their ideas and writing. It definitely is overwhelming having so many options and possibilities in front of us but I think you’re on a good path here and can’t go wrong.

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