Pitch (brainstorming session) Perfect

8 reflections:

1. Talking out my ideas was super helpful. There was a lot of power to saying outloud what I have been thinking with such attentive, engaged listeners (thank you maya and ashley!)
2. I originally thought 4 pitches was a lot to come up with and was a little intimidated by the prospect. My favorite idea ended up being the 4th one that I had to reach for at the end of brainstorming which just goes to show that there is a lot of value to forcing myself to push my creative limits.
3. I loved hearing about Maya and Ashley’s projects. It was so exciting to hear what they were thinking, creating, and wondering. It gave me energy and perspective on my own possible project.
4. My favorite pitch currently is a project that dives into a group of women that a couple friends and I formed last semester.  We meet with once a week to share ideas, knowledge, and questions. It has kind of turned into a think tank for how to navigate being a woman in your early 20s. I want to talk about why we starting meeting, the importance of networks of women, intentional conversation and topics, what everyone in the group has gained from it, and how and why other women should start doing the same thing. Basically a how to start a girls club kit.
5. I expanded on this idea a lot with the help of Maya and Ashley. My original pitch was a long essay and while I still think that will be the general form I want the project to expand beyond that and include a lot more elements.
6. The question top of mind for me now is how do I want to incorporate research into this project? 
7. I have a lot work to do which is scary and exciting.
8. I am now more excited about my project and for this class.

3 thoughts to “Pitch (brainstorming session) Perfect”

  1. I think this is the pretty awesome thing about peer review is that I think you actually learn a lot from your peers in terms of inspiration and ideas from their feedback! I think a lot of times we think the value from peer review comes from other people’s feedback of our work but I think a lot of it comes from *our feedback* for *other people’s* work. Likewise I also found myself a bit intimidated by the amount of research and I’d probably have to do and how I would do it (things that I didn’t consider too much myself until other people mentioned it, etc.). Also that personally I think a lot of us don’t challenge ourselves enough since we like to feel comfortable where we are, so having other people mention ways to challenge yourself really helps to bring another outsider perspective into it.


  2. Hi Sydney,
    I think that sounds like a really interesting club and idea for a project! I think a way to incorporate research into it is to look at what other women have done that is similar and maybe how they branched out and took their club a step further. I think it would also be cool to talk about what you may do with your own club and how each member might take something they’ve talked about and kind of push it further!

  3. On more of a formatting note, from the get-go I really liked how you quantified this in a numbered list. Each one was intentional, and the bold lettering drew my eyes to each key point. It made it not only easy to read, but also enjoyable and relatable.

    More on substance, I’ve also come to find that there is a lot of power in saying things out loud. This is a writing class — sure — but I’ve come to find that it’s invaluable to think out loud, especially to engaged and thoughtful listeners. It’s somewhat of a cathartic experience. Looking forward to hopefully chatting with you soon, and hearing more about your idea(s)!

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