Reflecting on Project Pitches

When we were tasked with coming up with four pitch ideas for the project last week, I was immediately overwhelmed. Since the Minor in Writing showcase last fall, I had been thinking about what I could do for my Capstone project but never came up with anything I was actually excited about. I remained uninspired even after checking out many of the past Capstone projects over the weekend. As I sat staring at my blank Google Doc on Monday night, I feared that my Capstone experience might resemble my Gateway experience, during which I struggled to come up with a good idea until the very last second.

Me on Monday night

Luckily, some ideas came to me at the Ugli on Tuesday morning. Here they are:

Pitch #1: My first idea was inspired by one of my favorite classes last semester, Sustainability and Health. One of our assignments for the class was to adopt four conservation behaviors for two weeks and write a report about our experiences. This assignment invoked some cognitive dissonance and caused me to think even harder about many of my behaviors.

I was thinking of taking this experiment to the next level for my Capstone project, adopting several conservation behaviors for the remainder of the semester and documenting my experiences through regular blog or journal entries, short videos, and/or a social media account. The final product would be a website that discusses my journey through words, photos, and potentially videos. It could be a resource for people who are trying to behave more sustainably themselves.

Pitch #2: This idea is pretty similar to my first. It would involve challenging others to adopt some conservation behaviors for a shorter period of time and interviewing them about their experiences. This could take the form of a series of interviews or podcast episodes.

Pitch #3: I have been thinking about my two remaining grandparents recently and how I know very little about their lives before I was born. I also know almost nothing about my family history and origins. I have been wanting to interview my grandparents while they are still sharp and I was thinking this could be a cool idea for my project.

This project might entail interviewing my grandparents, conducting research about my family origins, and creating an interactive website to document it all. I am interested in potentially creating short videos featuring remarkable family stories or maybe even a documentary. I was also thinking I could have a section of the website that provides guidance to other people looking to learn more about their own families.

Pitch #4: My last idea was trying to learn how to code this semester using online platforms and documenting my experience by writing a series of blog posts or journal entries. I have been wanting to learn how to code for a few semesters but have not been able to fit a class into my schedule. So, I was thinking this would be a way to hold myself accountable and also do so more personal writing, which I have not done much of in college. The final product could also be helpful for someone who also wants to independently learn this skill.

After discussing these ideas with Bailey and Kayla, I think I could reasonably see myself picking any of them. I am especially interested in my first and third ideas. Most of all, I feel super relieved to have a bunch of ideas that I am excited about only a week into the semester!!

Me on Tuesday night

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