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I’ve had a great experience pitching my ideas in class the other day. To be honest, I had a difficult time writing all four pitches––I thought it would take me forty minutes to write all four, but it surprisingly took me 2 hours!

I think what I struggled with most at the time, was having an idea that I’d be able to write about, struggle with, and have fun for a long period of time! So when I squeezed out four pitch ideas, I was very pleased and excited to hear how my peers were interested in all of them, and one of my pitches allowed me to write about the other three pitch ideas.

Okay, I’m getting pretty vague––in a nutshell, I am a creative person. I love crafting things, painting, writing poetry, making zines, make moody vignettes if I’m in the mood. Three of my pitches for the other day were:

  1. A “mixed media” book of vignettes regarding my relationship with my dad.
  2. A “vlog” of what it is like to be a musician/music student in today’s modern world––how my career may look different and unique.
  3. A “virtual” book club slash blog, where I read a ton of books, and review them, for all readers to see and have a conversation online with me!

But the one that occurred to me first, and the one I actually pitched first, was my idea of a book of poetry, themed “my closet.” I want to write a series of poems, prose or abstract, where I can reveal thoughts or feelings: joys and fears, bothers and good food, secrets and other secrets, etc. I want my reader (and I’m still figuring out who the audience may be) to know who I really am––what is in my closet?

My peer group on Tuesday was really helpful guiding me to see how I can really do all of these other pitches, within the structure of my favorite pitch. I can talk about my relationship with my dad in several poems, or reveal what it is like to struggle in a practice room for hours each day, or quote a book and write a poem of its impact on me. There will be crafts! I know myself, I wouldn’t be able to abstain from that!

Talking these ideas out really encouraged me that I do have something I’m excited about, and I am really looking forward to where this idea takes me!

2 thoughts to “reflections reflections…”

  1. I had the same experience struggling not to come up with ideas, but ones that were substantial enough to last an entire semester and that I wouldn’t lose interest in. So I definitely feel you here. Selfishly want you to go through with the book club because I’m always looking for recs!!

  2. Hi Christine,
    I’m in the same boat. I want to do something more personal for this project. I really want to be able to express myself and write about my life in a way. However, I’m not exactly sure who my audience would be either. But, I think that people do like reading about how other people are feeling because it gives them something to relate to and shows them that they are not alone.

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