A Purpose for Descriptive Writing

In Art of the Essay, English 325, the main focus was on descriptive writing in order to make the reader believe that he or she is a part of the experience of the author. I took this course in the summer and at the time I was beginning to work on my senior thesis about Ancient Near Eastern galleries in university museums. It was in this class that I began to practice describing the designs of the galleries that I was visiting over the summer, practicing how to explain a display or object as if the reader was the visitor in place of myself. 

One of my essays explained, in ten pages or so, how the statue of the Lamassu Iraq was displayed in the Oriental Institute. I was able to bring the reader into a detailed analysis of it from describing its texture, shadowing, color, material, movement, posture, and then explained how these details might attribute to its original function and how its functioned has changed since being displayed at the Oriental Initiate. I then used this practice to incorporate a description about a wall relief into a conference paper that I recently presented to scholars in my field of study.            

 As my proposal for English 420 is about redesigning the Mesopotamian Gallery in the Kelsey Museum of Archeology, I will use what I learned from English 325 to incorporate detailed descriptions of my proposed design. The purpose will be to make the reader believe that he or she is standing in the gallery that I create, believing that it could exist

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