Roughcut reflection — emphasis on the “rough”

Sup friends.

Spring Break is awesome in about 100000 ways, but in this particular instance, I’m beginning to get a bit stressed about getting everything done for this project. I’m wondering if I’ve bit off more than I can chew.

Here’s where I am:

  • I’ve designed a survey about student voting to be blasted out to students of all kinds ASAP. Do I send before Spring Break of after? I’m leaning toward both.
  • I’ve written an introduction to be feature on my website, which I feel pretty good about.
  • I’ve had discussions with my roommate (shoutout Kev) about helping teach me about website design. He’s a design God #DesignGawd #BDK #KBNTNTEAKBN:OLR.
  • I’ve decided that instead of splitting my write-up of the survey results into two parts (results + proposal), I’m combining them into one. So instead of me explaining in dry, academic terms what the results of the survey was, I’ll be sharing those results and then explaining why I think they matter. The third component will be strictly visual (graphs and things).
  • I sat down with T today and we decided that I’d be going to different places on campus to actually *talk* to people for my photo essay instead of relying on passive submissions. This will require a good deal of time but is important to achieving the goals of this project.

So, yeah. If there’s any extremely minor (minuscule, even) downside to dipping for the Bahamas on Saturday, this is it. Yeah, I know, woe is me, right? It just means I’ll have to come back committed to completing this project and seeing out the vision I had for it (one which I think is extremely attainable!).

My biggest fear is that I’m not able to attract enough respondents from diverse enough groups of people to draw reasonable, fair conclusions. It’s also a huge fear that we have, like, two months tops to get this all done and presented and all. That is extremely not a large amount of time to pull all of this information together.

As for the rough cut in class the other day, I always find those sorts of casual conversations extremely beneficial to the trajectory of the project. We always have such good advice for each other, and, personally, it always leads me down a better path. Shoutout, y’all.

Otherwise, I’m doing well. I ordered my absentee ballot the other day, and it took me like a week to find a stamp and get to the post office, so I felt a little bit hypocritical. VOTE, PEOPLE! Anyway, Roll Tide. Go Blue. Have a wonderful break.

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