Screenplay rough cut reflection

Things are going pretty well for the screenplay.

As I talked about in my pitch, I’m going through my writing process right now. I’ve had some interesting things I am fleshing out more so now:

  • More and more research (this will never stop), especially now that I’ve moved the setting to start from 1945ish until 2013. So, lots of history to research.
  • Complete change in plot direction, as expected. My plot does not involve anything about a padded cell or mental institution of that sort (cliché and I was trying to avoid it since the start — it was more so of a starting point to have something).
  • Considering cinematographic directions to some degree (transitions, POV and shots, takes, etc.) as I am used to writing for the more static/flat imagery of plays than the dynamic motion picture.
  • Soundtrack/sound in general is something I’ve not considered much, and have to think about how I want sound to interact with the images on screen (diegesis or not).
No joke, I just sat down and read this entire dictionary like it was a novel. No regrets, it was very helpful.

Other than this, everything else is also going accordingly to plan, such as:

  • Typical processes of laying out 1) scene-by-scene treatments, 2) major cast of characters, their motivations, and changes throughout the story, 3) motifs, symbolism, metaphors, allegories, allusions/themes, etc., and 4) notes of potential ideas which need to be either fleshed out or discarded (everything’s tentative in the process, really).
  • Ideas are coming to me not instantaneously, but usually by just recalling things in my life, experiencing things in the now, or just when I’m doing something else (working out, showering, eating food, etc.).
  • I’ve got the first act laid out, and planning to flesh out act II and act III by the end of Spring Break (hopefully) to present on the first day of work-shopping.
  • The progression of the storytelling (it will start from the end and conclude at the beginning — a backwards story, so-to-speak, as we understand the characters’ development).

As always, everything is always tentative and in-progress (even after I’m done writing by the end of the semester). If anything, I’m hoping more things will change as I think those are the moments of greatest creativity, inspiration, and novel ideas.



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