new blog post, completely new project

My last blog post discussed my wide variety of project pitches, but alas, the project I’m actually pursuing is not even CLOSE to what I initially proposed.

A few weeks into working on my original project, I spent a weekend at home and got lunch with my Grammy’s childhood friend. The conversations we had inspired me to change my project. I am now writing an essay about the Pleiades, my Grammy’s group of friends that she’s had since high school.

So far, I’ve done pretty much all of my research. I’ve done tons of research on the Pleiades (as in, the cluster of stars the group is named after), and read lots of different stories cultures have told about these stars since ancient times. I’m planning on weaving in this history and these stories in with the stories I’m telling.

Here are the Pleiades, if you were wondering!

These stories are of the lives of the group of 6 women who call themselves the Pleiades. So far, I have recorded interviews with 5/6, and have an interview planned with the last one tomorrow. After that, I’ll continue the writing process! I’ve started writing my narrative, but definitely still have a ways to go. I’m hoping to meet with someone from Sweetland to help me with the writing process.

That’s all for now! 🙂

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