Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Here I am, knee-deep into the semester and there’s really no turning back now. If you told me freshman year that I’d be making a podcast before I graduated, I’d probably laugh in your face, with an eye roll and a, “yeah, right.” I’ve never been the type to fully push myself out of my comfort zone (and audio is nowhere near that realm).

But this is where we are.

My podcast will be an exploration of traveler’s guilt, inspired by my semester studying and living abroad in Barcelona. I’ll be having conversations with other students who had the privilege to study abroad to delve into issues like gentrification, overcrowding, overdependence on the tourism industry, the depletion of natural resources, and more.

But what better way for me to introduce you to my podcast than by sharing the trailer with you all! This is Not Your Mom’s Travel Guide.

Over the next month and a half, you’ll all be with me on this journey to see this idea through. I’ll be speaking with four guests about their time living in four drastically different countries: Australia, Italy, South Africa, and Spain.

Can’t wait for you to see where we’re going.

One thought to “Where We Are and Where We’re Going”

  1. Hey! T told me about your project, I had no idea someone was doing their project about this topic because we’ve never been in a group together in class 🙁 This is content that I’m super interested in, and have thought about a lot in light of all my international-related endeavors. I’d be happy to chat more about this in class and help out with your project in any way you’d need it!

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