1,2,3,4,5! We did it! Hats off to everyone!

For my project, I accidentally did something illegal — accidentally on purpose, I guess. I had a great time doing this project, and am grateful that I had the platform to do what I did, the freedom to do what I did, and the support to do what I did.

For my project, I painted 14 electrical poles on my street — Dewey Street — and used each one as an opportunity to write about the art that I do and the things that go on in my head while I do the art that I do. Some are lists of things, some are more-or-less incoherent essays, and other are essays that proved very fruitful to write — those about privilege, race, audience, motivation, and more.

In the end, I’m very proud of the work that I did as well as incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn a surprising amount about the work that I do and why I do it. I really did this project to paint, but am walking away from this project with a much more sophisticated answer about why I do the work that I do and how to tie the two seemingly disparate sides of myself — my art and climate activism.

Thanks to all those who gave feedback and to Shelley for being a light in a dark and bizarre time. Hang in there everyone!

HERE WE GO: https://hansju.wixsite.com/pantingondeweystreet


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