an introduction to my project: in her words

Hey everyone!

I am excited to be finishing up my project, In Her Words. As you know by now, this is an oral history project that features audio clips from interviews I conducted this semester with my Nana, Trish Sylvester. In addition to audio, I have included a ton of old photographs, some memoirs, and reflections on the process of creating this project. I’ve really enjoyed working on this website, and although it wasn’t exactly what I set out to accomplish earlier in the semester, I am proud of what I have and honestly believe that I will continue to update and add to the content I have now.

I genuinely enjoyed (most aspects of) creating this project and I hope you enjoy checking it out! I am grateful for all of the thoughtful feedback and advice I have received throughout the semester.

Capstone has been a highlight of my weeks these past few months and I am glad to have gotten to know all of you talented people better over the course of the semester. I’ve loved seeing your progress during workshops and I’m so excited to dive deeper into everyone’s websites with all of this new free time over the next few weeks.

Here’s my link:

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