Capstone Introduction: La Vida Despues (Life After) – A Climate Change Short Story

If you told me at the beginning of the semester that my last month in college would be spent from my home 2,000 miles away from Michigan because a global pandemic was happening, I probably would’ve asked what you had been indulging in that night. But, here we are. I’m writing this post from the desk I used to do high school homework from and a desk I never thought I’d use for college homework.

But let’s forget that. I’m here to introduce my capstone project. I went into this project with the idea of writing something tackling climate change or other environmental issues via a creative medium. In the end, I wrote a short story. I went in not even having much experience with short stories as a medium, let alone writing them so it was definitely a learning experience. However, I am very happy I chose this medium because it definitely provided me with the challenge I wanted in my capstone project. While I didn’t have any experience with short stories prior to this project, I did have experience in its subject matter, climate change.

I consider climate change one of the most pressing issues facing people today and I think others should too. It’s a phenomenon that will greatly impact our future and has already shown its ugly face on multiple occasions. I’m constantly thinking of all the dangers it can bring to myself, my family, my friends, and my home of Puerto Rico. So, I present La Vida Despues (Life After), a short story of a future heavily impacted by climate change. While the story is fictional, the setting and scenarios presented in the story are based on sound climate change projections described in multiple published reports and research articles. The purpose of the story is to give the reader a picture of what our future is being predicted to be unless we take action against climate change. It also serves as a way to communicate the hardcore science behind climate change in a way that can be accessed by the general public. I hope that this story serves as a wake-up call for those who still don’t consider climate change a pressing issue (*coughs* Trump). Either way, I hope the story is engaging to everybody and that readers can come out having learned significantly about climate change.

I want to thank everybody that helped me with this project from my classmates providing me with great feedback to Shelley for giving me great ideas for how to structure and develop my story. I also want to shoutout everyone that continuously works to promote climate change action and hope that the fight continues.

Without further ado, La Vida Despues (Life After).

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