Capstone Project Introduction

Hello writers!

I am excited to have finished my capstone project, which has been pretty difficult during this COVID-19 pandemic. Is anyone else feeling like their writing brain has totally shut down right now?

Still, I managed to finish the project, and it’s bittersweet to be done with MiW. For capstone, my project was meant to be a small collection of essays that attempt to critique neoliberal feminism and introduce feminist scholarship to new and young feminists. Some of the essays are personal, some of them are theory-based, but I hope all of them deepen one’s understanding of feminism and how necessary it is for all of us.

You can find my project here.

Thank you to all of the wonderful professors I’ve had in MiW, specifically Professors Shelley Manis and Jimmy Brancho, and all of the advisors and support staff who help all of us so much.

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