Capstone Project Introduction: Dreams

Hi all,

As final projects, like this one, are completed and exams passed, the semester is winding down. It doesn’t feel real.

In my project, I wanted to analyze and discuss dreams in multiple ways. While it may not be the most important talking point right now, dreams are a weird topic to discuss. Even after a semester of work, it sometimes feels weird saying I wrote about dreams. But by acknowledging our dreams more, talking about them, and seeing how they are presented in movies, only helps to understand ourselves. I hope my project inspires you to remember your dreams.

As a side note, while I’m proud of my project, it wasn’t fully what I planned for it to be. My friend who was going to help me with the artwork no longer could so the images and layout doesn’t always look perfect; I have very limited graphic design skills. I did recruit some other friends to write two poems and ask questions about their dreams or sleeping habits.

Here it is! Or the link anyways…

Congratulations everyone on finishing their projects and the semester!

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