Capstone Project: Zero Waste Eating on a Budget

I can’t believe this semester is already over. I still remember the beginning of the term when I was trying to brainstorm and choose project ideas. I am now excited to present my finished Capstone project.

For my project, I chose to challenge myself, for the first time, to reduce waste by living two weeks without producing any food waste, including waste from food packaging. My experience and research conducted during the challenge was documented in a blog and video. I am so glad that I chose to do this project because I learned so much about everyday environmental habits and even video editing. It was also really fun. As a college student, I understand how time and finances may be drawbacks to eating zero waste, but through this challenge, I know it is possible! I hope you learn a lot from the research I incorporated into the blog posts, maybe even sparking more of your interest in environmental sustainability.

Thank you everyone for providing feedback on my drafts all along the way and helping me develop this project.

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