Chloe Fishbein Capstone Project

Hi everyone,

I am proud to finally present my Capstone Project to you all. As we all know, it’s been a tough semester. My project didn’t necessarily come out the way I had planned for, but I am proud of the work I accomplished under the circumstances.

My Capstone Project focuses on the question: Why is it important for young women to have strong female role models? As you will see when reading my project, this question personally affects me. I wanted to choose a project topic that I could connect with and allow my personal experiences to shine through. Much of my project is about my personal experiences and the experiences of my own female role models. I am proud of myself for opening up and allowing all of you to see the real me.

I also included research about the current conversation and the role that famous women and fictional characters play in understanding the importance of a female role model.

I believe that my mix of writing forms, such as an opinion essay, research essay, and personal narrative, all make for an interesting take on my central question. I hope that you learn more about female role models and their importance, while also learning more about one of your fellow classmates.

Congrats to those graduating and congrats to completing your Writing Capstone!

Without further ado, here is my capstone link:


Chloe Fishbein

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