Chudley and Me

Hey friends,

I’m really excited to introduce my project today: On Dogs—a site reflecting on the value that our little (or medium-sized! or large!) friends confer to those around them. As I mention within, I think most folks tend to passively state (or think about) how much they love their dogs. Perhaps it’s self-evident. You don’t need a reminder. But in losing my own just a few months ago, I’ve realized the value in thinking deeply and out loud about my relationship with him. I’ve come to find that intentionally and thoughtfully reflecting is, well, really important. My aim is to inspire that sort of robust discussion, and hope to have my site serve as your own personal springboard.

This has been quite the ride—I’m really proud of the final product, and I hope to continue visiting and contributing to it over the next few months and years. So with that—as they say in my new favorite show of quarantine, Top Chef—I’ll pack my knives and go.

To T and all of my W20 classmates, thank you for such an enriching semester. It has really been a blast, and I will surely miss it. Congratulations to all of you.

To Michigan, thank you for a truly wonderful and formative four years. It’s been a pleasure.

And to Chudley, thank you for being the best dog, friend, and brother any boy could ask for.

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