Hello future capstoners…

or as T fondly calls us, WRITERS!!!

I’m not even sure where, exactly, to begin, because the world seems so distinctly uncertain. Our semester was cut short by coronavirus, with the essential last month of our capstone complicated by remote learning and a global pandemic and what not. As I write, I’m not sure what will happen next semester; I’m not even sure, really, what will happen next week. Living through such an unprecedented time is odd, because it has fundamentally altered everything, really.

But I am also optimistic that you all will have the benefit of time. The four months between now and the start of the fall semester as it normally would begin are impossible to predict, and I have no idea where you will be taking this class from, and how you’ll be taking it. But so many things can happen in four months, from a vaccine to a horrendous resurgence that postpones colleges resuming entirely until the winter, or after the pandemic—I have no idea, and only you, reading this in the future, do. But whatever situation it is, whether it’s way better than we anticipated or it’s worse, you will at least be prepared, unsurprised by whatever adjustments you have to make. The elements of surprise, of disruption, of shock and fear, dictated time throughout a crucial juncture of our capstone projects, but whether you are partially or entirely remote, starting this project from the get-go in one way, not being unsure or feeling like a real life beta test for your tens of thousands of dollars of tuition, will be an advantage.

As for what to write about? Genuinely, just write what you want. And this seems incredibly oversimplified but I’ve given this advice to all my classmates all semester, even myself too. This project will be easiest to create and the best representation of your writing, the best culmination of your writing minor or senior year or capstone or college experience, if you write from your heart. Apologies for the cliche, but the most phenomenal part about the writing minor, and my capstone class in particular, has been how honest and raw everyone is willing to write and share. Most of these projects are personal, and they make me feel more than a lot of work I’ve seen. I think this is possible no matter what; whether you’re on Zoom or in person or in haptic suits, write for you.

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