Here it is! Introducing: The P Word

The time has finally come! What I’ve been waiting for all semester. This project was HARD and doing it amidst a pandemic made it that much trickier. However, I’m so happy with the work I’ve done and published into the word.

I’m still grappling with my privilege and how to not feel guilt or anxiety surrounding my experiences. This project was a giant step in the right direction for me to really unravel these thoughts and feelings and put them into words. I learned so much about myself and my identity when writing these and I hope after reading you learn more about yourself as well. It’s easy to get sucked into your own world but when you start to look at different angles and perspectives, your world gets a whole lot bigger.

The meaning of my work began changing as the environment around me did. I’m now home in Chicago, living at home with my family. The world is shifting before my eyes. I was able to put my privilege into context today. To apply it to the pandemic and the consequences around it. That was something super eye opening as well.

I can’t thank my writing community enough for sticking with me and helping me as I wrote these uncomfortable essays. It definitely wasn’t easy but I’m so proud of how it turned out. Enjoy!

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