here she is!!!

I am very excited and nervous to push out into the world my capstone project that I have been working on all semester!

My project begins as a reflection of a powerful experience that I have had with a group of intentional, smart, and passionate women and progresses into an exploration of the threads that connect us to other women and a larger conversation. Putting together this project was personal, fun, and surprising. The end result was different than what I was expecting when I first set out to start writing and I am really thankful for that. I tried my best to be honest, curious, and inviting and there was so much personal power and growth to gain from that experience for me.

In true girl’s club fashion I hope you grab yourself a glass of wine (if that’s your thing) and you find yourself relaxing and reading with curiosity. Like the subject manner of this project, I hope that this is just the beginning of another conversation to have and explore together. Check it out here:

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