Introducing my project: Why Students Don’t Vote

Really excited to share with you the work I’ve done.

I took on this topic at first because 1. it’s super interesting to me and 2. because being on a college campus afforded me the resources to lend real insight into this question. The COVID-19 pandemic obviously threw a wrench in some of that plan, but fortunately I was able to produce the product you see below.

I don’t have a ton else to say, though I’ll add my big-picture takeaway from my research and survey analysis and thought and writing: Gen Z and Millenials are often treated as a monolith. They don’t vote because X. They’re not motivated by Y. You know these cliches. I hope we start thinking about this generation in more nuanced terms. The point of this project was to shed light on this idea that people are complication and their motivations are complicated. You have to listen to them in order to really learn.

Hope you enjoy!

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