I’m happy to introduce my capstone project: iris. It has finally taken its final form of ten guidelines for mobile app design. These guidelines have been developed based on the broad themes I’ve noticed throughout the semester as I designed mockup screens for three apps: notes, music, and messaging.

I’ve attempted to make these guidelines as digestible as possible in order to a more general audience than merely other designers. You’ll notice short amount of text for each guideline, augmented by examples on the opposite side of the screen. You may also notice that many of the images on the site scroll at different speeds (parallax), for a more engaging experience.

As many of my peers would echo, this semester has been quite odd. Still, I am happy with the finalized version of my capstone project. The feedback I received throughout the semester was extremely informative and is what ultimately guided my decisions on how to present this project.

Now that the semester is almost over, I would like to take a moment to thank the folks I’ve encountered during my time in the Minor in Writing, especially T–who I had for both gateway and capstone. I will greatly miss T’s impressively consistent positive energy, encouragement, and flexibility, as I’m sure many of my peers will as well.

Speaking of my peers… thank you, too! Your feedback throughout the semester was helpful, but more importantly, seeing your projects come together during the semester was quite frankly inspiring.

Finally, in case you were looking for the link:

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